The Hotel Transylvania is a hotel for monsters located somewhere in Transylvania, Romania.


The Hotel, a large, isolated building with Gothic architecture, is a vacation spot for all self-declared monsters and ghoulies, from bigshots like Bigfoot and Count Dracula to relatively benign beings like your garden-variety ghosts, or even weird creatures like the Fanged Gentleman.

Though not common knowledge, the Hotel Transylvania does not operate in secret; indeed, it belongs to the same company as the Duckburg Ritz, and ordinary human concierge Donald Duck was once sent there on tryout, in 2004. In fact, given a little time to adapt, Donald proved to be the best concierge the monsters had ever seen; his clumsiness partially destroyed the hotel, but even then the guests were delighted, finding it was "much more homey" when partially ruined.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Hotel Transylvania is the main location of the 2004 comic story Hotel Transylvania.

Interestingly, it shares its name and concept with the main location of the non-Disney animated film franchise Hotel Transylvania, begun a few years later.

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