The Hotel Transylvania is a hotel for monsters located somewhere in Transylvania, Romania.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Hotel, a large, isolated building with Gothic architecture, is a vacation spot for all self-declared monsters and ghoulies, from bigshots like Bigfoot and Count Dracula to relatively benign beings like your garden-variety ghosts, or even weird creatures like the Fanged Gentleman.

Though not common knowledge, the Hotel Transylvania does not operate in secret; indeed, it belongs to the same company as the Duckburg Ritz, and ordinary human concierge Donald Duck was once sent there on tryout, in 2004. In fact, given a little time to adapt, Donald proved to be the best concierge the monsters had ever seen; his clumsiness partially destroyed the hotel, but even then the guests were delighted, finding it was "much more homey" when partially ruined.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Hotel Transylvania is the main location of the 2004 comic story Hotel Transylvania.

Interestingly, it shares its name and concept with the main location of the non-Disney animated film franchise Hotel Transylvania, begun a few years later.

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