The Hound of the Whiskervilles was supposedly a monstrous ghost hound.


The Hound was a bloodthirsty, giant hound walking on his hinder legs like a man, with a skin so tough no spears could pierce it. The Hound appeared in Dismal Downs on what has come to be known as the Night of the Hound, terrorizing the McDucks, who fled their castle and were actually so scared that some of them even moved to England to be totally safe.

However, the Hound, as it turned out in 1960 when Scrooge McDuck came back to Castle McDuck to look for samples of his family tartan, was nothing more than a hoax created by the Whiskervilles, a rival clan of the McDucks, who wanted the McDucks to leave their land so they could use it for their sheep. The Hound was merely a costumed Whiskerville, wearing a coat of mail underneath the suit.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Hound was first shown in 1960 in Carl Barks's story of the same name, where the hound costume was worn by Angus McWhisker.

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