The House of Mouse is or was a dinner theater club owned by Mickey Mouse.

Description Edit

The House of Mouse was opened by Mickey Mouse in 2001 in downtown Mouseton off of Main Street. The club featured a restaurant and theater, and valet parking. The House was frequented by a great variety of people, heroes and villains alike, with some (such as Merlin and a young King Arthur) even crossing time itself to visit the House. The main attraction of the House was its cartoons, which played on the large screen at the front of the club.

The House was co-owned by Mickey and Donald Duck, and the land was owned by Peg-Leg Pete (except for the brief period in which Scrooge McDuck became the landlord) who constantly attempted to close the club, but was legally unable due to the co-owner's contracts stating that the club could not close as long as the show went on (this lead to Pete attempting to sabotage the show on multiple occasions, but always failing). The club was staffed mainly by friends of Mickey and Donald.

The club, though obviously very popular, seems to have closed down or been sold after 2003, as Mickey and the rest of the staff never spend any time there anymore.

Staff Edit

Locations in the HouseEdit

  • Foyer
  • Restaurant/Theater
  • Backstage
  • Kitchen
  • Control Room
  • Prop Room

Behind the scenes Edit

The House of Mouse first appeared in the television series House of Mouse in 2001, in the episode "The Stolen Cartoons", the pilot episode of the series.

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