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Humbert the Huntsman (or simply The Huntsman) is a human man.


Humbert the Huntsman was the royal huntsman of the Kingdom of Snow White, and, though he was a good man for his part, this meant he ended up serving the wicked queen Grimhilde. In 1937, the foul woman tasked him with assassinating the princess Snow White, threatening Humbert's wife and children if he refused. Humbert almost went through with it, but faltered at the last moment, sending Snow White to hide in the depths of the forest and trying to fake her death by presenting a wild boar's heart to the Queen in place of Snow's. The Queen later found out the truth, but immediately flew in a murderous rage against Snow White, forgetting all about Humbert. For his part, the noble Huntsman finally decided to do something about the Queen's evil, and set fire to the Castle. This failed to kill Grimhilde, as she wasn't in the castle at the time, but destroyed her laboratory of black magic and ended her rule.

Behind the scenes

Humbert first appeared in 1937 in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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