Humperdink Duck, also known as Dabney Duck or Grandpa Duck, was an anthropomorphic duck.


Humperdink Duck started out his life as a pioneer and buffalo hunter (although he was hardly any less clusmy than his future grandson Donald). At some point, he found his way to the early settlement that was Duckburg, where he fell in love with rich farmer Elvira Coot. They got married and, this time, it lasted; they had several children, including Quackmore Duck, Eider Duck, Otto DuckUpsy Duck and Daphne Duck.

Humperdink lived long enough to help raise his grandson Donald Duck; due to his own past shenanigans, "Grandpa Duck" (as he was now known) was always able to predict and prevent young Donald's pranks, even sometimes playing some on Donald himself (such as sending him away to do chores to eat the whole blueberry pie himself); however, he also loved the boy and tenderly cared for him him when he was sick or tired.

Presumably not long after, Humperdink died peacefully. This was not, however, the end of him; his ghost came back in 1955 to his grandson Donald, shaming him for his bourgeois lifestyle and ordering him to go out hunting. Grandpa Duck's incompetent instructions did not allow Donald to succeed in his endeavor, and the ghost, disappointed, disappeared.


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Behind the scenesEdit

Humperdink was first seen in a flashback in the 1951 story Grandma Duck and the charity sale, where Grandma Duck reminesces about how she met him. His youthful ghost was then seen in the 1955 cartoon No Hunting, giving hunter Donald Duck directions. A portrait of Old Grandpa Duck could be seen in the 1960 Paul Murry story Too Much Help, and the old duck himself appeared in yet another flashback in the 1964 The Good Old Daze.

In The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, Grandpa Duck is named "Dabney". This was because Don Rosa was not aware of Grandma Duck and the charity sale and thought the character had never been given a first name. This was corrected on the Duck Family Tree he drew, where he is referred to as Humperdink (with Dabney presumably being retconned as a nickname).

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