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Hunter, or possibly the Hunter, was a male Blue Orc.


A minion of the Horned King living in the Dark Ages and an orc like him, Hunter was a dimwitted guardsman for the King. It is probable he was killed in the Cauldron-Born's rampage along with the rest of the King's living army.


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Behind the scenes

Hunter was a minor character planned to appear in the 1985 fikm The Black Cauldron, designed by Andreas Deja. Like Creeper, he'd been created solely for the film, not appearing in any of Alexander's books. For unknown reasons, he wasn't used in the final version of the film, though nothing contradicts his existence.

The only surviving concept art of the character is labelled "Hunter". While this is taken to be the character's name (in the same template as Creeper), some believe that it is merely a moniker, with the character being called "the hunter".