Scrooge McDuck Wikia

The I.N.D.U.C.K.S. database, also known as Inducks or INDUCKS, and formerly the Disney Comics Database, is the main online database for Disney comics.


Created in 1999 thanks to various preexisting databases of Disney comics (chiefly the 1992 Disney Comics Mailing List), INDUCKS is an easily-browsed database that records every Disney comic and illustration, its authors, and in what issues it has ever been printed worldwide. Additionally, INDUCKS also includes what characters are featured in each story, the foreign names of the characters and stories, and rough biographical data on creators. INDUCKS is kept updated daily by fans worldwide.


INDUCKS has abbreviations for many of the main characters, such as:

Character Abbreviations
Donald Duck DD
Daisy Duck DA
Flintheart Glomgold FLG
Gladstone GL
Grandpa Beagle GB
Grandma Duck GD
Huey Dewey and Louie HDL
Magica De Spell MDS
Miss Quackfaster QF
Rockerduck RKD
The Beagle Boys BB
The Junior Woodchucks JW
The wicked witch WWI
Uncle Scrooge US
Witch Hazel


Gus Goose GU
Mickey Mouse MM
Minnie Mouse MI
Goofy GO
Chief O'Hara OH
Pluto PL
Horace Horsecollar HH