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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, nor created by an established official creator. A version of Iago existed as a human sorcerer in the Diamond Universe.

Description[edit | edit source]

In this parallel timeline, Iago was not a parrot uplifted by Jafar's magic (or even a human crony of Jafar's as one Prime Universe account holds) but rather a human sorcerer from Agrabah and partner-in-crime to Jafar during the early days of his quest for the Genie's Lamp. Iago, who wielded a Parrot Staff similar to Jafar's Snake Staff, was by Jafar's side when the Grand Vizier attempted to stop his rebellious apprentice from hiding the Lamp in the Cave of Wonders. In the magical duel that ensued, Iago was hit by a curse from the apprentice which appeared to "resonate" with Iago's own staff, and ended up irreversibly turning him into the familiar angry red parrot. Jafar promised him he could use the Lamp to wish himself back into human form once they found it again, thus ensuring Iago would continue to serve him as a faithful familiar.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

This version of Iago appears in the 2015 tribute comic Diamond in the Rough, written by Theo Dolev and illustrated by Ophir Sheriff. Despite some minor differences in circumstances, it is Diamond in the Rough’s intent that it serve as a loose prequel to the events of Aladdin, though of no other entry in the Aladdin series; as such, it can be assumed that the Diamond Universe Iago's later fate, beyond what is shown in the comic, matches up to the actions of his Prime Universe counterpart in the movie.

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