The Icy Hand is an anthropomorphic dog.


A mysterious and quite unstable criminal, the "Icy Hand" was an old enemy of detective Shamrock Bones. The Icy Hand was a master of disguise and also an amateur inventor, who created booby-trapped "Dynamite Toast", which he became fixated on using to murder Shamrock Bones. Fortunately for Bones, despite all his disguise, the Icy Hand had a weakness he could never cover up — his hand was inexplicably freezing to the touch, no matter how much he covered it up (hence his nickname). In 1952, the Icy Hand managed to abduct Bones, but made the mistake of bragging about it in a letter to the Mouseton Police — leading to Chief O'Hara putting Mickey Mouse on the case, which predictably ended with Shamrock Bones safe and sound and the Icy Hand behind bars.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Icy Hand only ever appeared in the 1952 story of the same name.

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