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Identification Wands are a type of magic wand, found both in the Prime Universe in the 2017 Continuum.


Identification Wands are a type of magic wands issued by the Walt Disney Company, which, if used skillfully, allow their users to materialize "Disney Channel" logos out of thin air. Identification Wands appear tailor-made for their users, as their wood (and the sparkles they release) are matched to each user's favorite color. Although most wands appear to be a thin stick of wood in a uniform color, at least one appeared to resemble the type of wand often used by stage magicians.

It is possible to use them for other purposes, but this is hazardous, as Donald Duck discovered when he tried to use his to paint a portrait of himself, though his nephew Louie has been observed successfully levitating coins with his.

Behind the scenes

The Identification Wands are a staple of small inserts used by Disney Channel based on their various shows. In Disney comics terms, they appear in the Wand IDs (DuckTales 2017) and in Hi, I'm Mickey And You Are Watching Disney Channel! (Mickey Mouse: The Series).