Idol of Cibola

Idol of Cibola in DT17.png

The Idol of Cibola is a golden statuette and the 2017 Continuum's version of the Idol of Cibola.


The Idol of Cibola is a well-known lost treasure, a strange-looking golden statuette, hidden at the heart of the Temple of Cibola and protected by several booby-traps. Scrooge McDuck and family found the Idol in 2018, with Louie Duck correctly predicting the traps. Recognizing Louie's skill at tactical planning, Scrooge later gifted the Idol to him (after having extracted a treasure map from its hollow insides).

Behind the scenes

The Idol of Cibola made its first real appearance in The Most Dangerous Game… Night, although it (or a statue very much like it) had earlier appeared in the first promotional poster for DuckTales 2017. Its appearance is based on that of the statuette sought by Indiana Jones at the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, a scene itself inspired by the Idol of Cibola scene in The Seven Cities of Cibola — bringing things full-circle.

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