Illusion, also known as I Love Mickey Mouse, is a series of video games originally developed by Sega.


The stories of the games share little continuity between each other until Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion (the crossover with the Epic Mickey series), with Legend of Illusion taking place in another dimension altogether, but they all focus on Mickey Mouse (or a counterpart thereof) adventuring his way through magical locations, fighting various enemies; the name of the series comes from the magical antagonists' tendancy to create their lairs and minions through illusion-creating magic.

List of InstallmentsEdit

  1. Castle of Illusion
  2. Land of Illusion
  3. World of Illusion
  4. Legend of Illusion
  5. Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

To these five offiicial installments can be added the 2013 remake of the first game.

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