Impossible Berries are magical berries found at the Bottomless Lake.

Description Edit

Impossible Berries are enchanted fruit which, when eaten, allow the people who have eaten them to perform one "impossible" action in spite of all rhyme and reason — from hitchhiking onto aeroplanes to breathing in water. A few Impossible Berries float up from the Bottomless Lake every century, but no more. Doctor Stan Livingstone, having discovered the Lake and the century's shipment of Berries, ate one and used its power to walk to the bottom of the Bottomless Lake to try and see if there were any more to be found there, but he mysteriously found none. Livingstone had mailed the rest of his supply to his friend and colleague Mickey Mouse, but, believing Livingstone in danger, Mickey and Goofy ended up using them all up in an effort to reach the Lake and rescue Livingstone.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Impossible Berries appear in the 1986 audioplay The Impossible Journey.

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