In the Mirror (Nello specchio in the original Italian) is a comic story written by Bruno Enna and drawn by Alessandra Perina. It features Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, mentions Goofy, and features the debut of Pipwolf, H. P. Toppersby, Marzabar, Sentinel, Twosteps, Manny, Mr Snowman, Hobi, Celantus and Gertie.


Late in the park one evening, Mickey Mouse meets a strange werewolf-like creature looking strangely like his friend Goofy. Barely introducing himself as Pipwolf, the wolfman leaves Mickey a cursed medallion before vanishing. The mystery progressively unravels as Mickey discovers a whole parallel dimension filled with varyingly-benevolent monsters and creatures.

Behind the scenes Edit

"In the Mirror" was written in 2002 by Bruno Enna.

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