This Chief is the leader of a small Peruvian village in the Andes. He guarded the temple Itza Pitz from the Europeans


During his younger years, he met a young Scrooge McDuck who wanted to find Itza Pitz and reclaim its treasure for his own. Him and the chief argued over a rightful distribution of the treasure until they both finally decided on a 50/50 split. After Scrooge insulted his wife's cooking, he kicked him out of the village and told him to stay out.

Years later, he met with a now aged Scrooge McDuck who wanted to find the treasures again. Like old times, he kicked out Scrooge once and for all.

Personality wise, he seemed to truly care about his village and wanted to use the wealth Scrooge would've received from Itza Pitz to help the town flourish. He didn't care for Europeans.

Behind the sceneEdit

The chief appeared in the 1996 story, Secret of the Incas.

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