Introducing Ellsworth is a comic story written by Bill Walsh and drawn by Manuel Gonzales. It features Goofy, Mickey Mouse, and, in his debut, Ellsworth Bheezer.


Goofy buys a mynah bird from a pet shop, not realizing he is none other than the superintelligent Ellsworth Bheezer… who is none too happy about being the pet of somebody so unfathomably dumber than himself.

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was first printed in October of 1949 in miscellaneous American newspapers. It was reprinted in Mickey Mouse Classics #1 and in Mickey Mouse #310.

Though the story supposedly shows how Ellsworth originally comes to live with Goofy, leading up to the following Ellsworth stories by the same authors, the story The Ellsworth Formula shows that Goofy had apparently sent Ellsworth back to the salesman following this; there he is coincidentally purchased by Mickey Mouse, and, after some adventures, ends up going back to live with Goofy (who participated in his rescue). 

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