Is This House Haunted? is a comic story written by Don Markstein and drawn by Noel Van Horn. It features Mickey Mouse, and, in their debuts, Clarence Coot, Custer Coot and Charlie Coot. Cornelius Coot is also mentioned, and statues of Bucky Bug and June Bug can also be seen.

Plot[edit | edit source]

While strolling around in suburbian Mouseton, Mickey Mouse stumbles upon the house of the Coot family, which appears to be haunted. Excited to meet a real ghost, Mickey investigates, butting heads with golf-obsessed Charlie Coot and unraveling the mystery of the disappearance of presumed-ghost Clarence Coot, all with the help of young, mischievous Custer.

Continuity[edit | edit source]

  • The Coot House's appearance resembles the titular house in The Little House.
  • Charlie Coot, listing notable and admirable coots throughout history, mentions that "it was even a coot who founded…", only to be interrupted; it is clear that the coot in question is Cornelius Coot, and the city is Duckburg.
  • The "Junkville Hole in Bugg Flats, Duvallia", one of the golf courses cited by Charlie, is named after Junkville and features statues of Bucky Bug and June Bug as decoration.
  • Oolated Squiggs are mentioned, through the statement that (for unclear reasons) Clarence Coot created an Electronic Squigg De-Oolater.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

This story was first printed in the Czech Kačer Donald #2001-22. It was printed in the U.S.A. in Mickey Mouse #257, and was also printed in English in the Australian Mickey Mouse and Friends #257.

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