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Israel Hands was a human man.


An 18th century pirate captain, merciless Israel Hands served under Captain Flint. After Flint's death, Hands joined most of Flint's old crew in following Long John Silver as their new captain, joining him on the trip to Treasure Island to retrieve Flint's loot.

After the mutiny, Hands was put in charge of guarding the Hispaniola, alongside another pirate with whom he quarreled, and whom he eventually murdered. He was alone on the ship when he came across Jim Hawkins, there to beach the boat in order to prevent the pirates from using it to attack Flint's Stockade. After a lengthy confrontation, Hands wounded Jim but Jim shot him with a pistol gifted to him by Silver, seemingly killing the scoundrel.

Hands had, however, survived, and proved an unexpected complication when Silver and Hawkins returned to the Island some time later to retrieve a part of the treasure Ben Gunn had overlooked.

Behind the scenes

Israel Hands appeared in the 1950 film Treasure Island and a few other Disney adaptations and parodies of the Treasure Island story.

Notably, Israel Hands was not created by R. L. Stevenson in his novel, but was a historical figure, second-in-command not to Captain Flint, but to Captain Blackbeard.

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