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It's Music? is a comic story written by Dick Kinney and drawn by Al Hubbard. It features Donald Duck, Fethry Duck, and, in their debut, Hard-Haid Moe and his ”Houn' Dawg”.


A newly country-music-obsessed Fethry Duck (dragging Donald Duck around as usual) travels to the country to record actual traditional American songs right from the hillbilly's mouth, planning to sing them at a competition. And the man they stumble upon, for the very first time, is none other than ill-tempered old grump Hard-Haid Moe

Behind the scenes

The Health Nut’s was first printed in October of 1964 in the Italian Topolino #462. Its first English printing was in the Australian Donald Duck #98, with it being reprinted in the same country in Walt Disney's Comics #332. It was eventually printed in the United States of America in 1964 in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #662.

The story is the debut of Hard-Haid Moe.