Itsa Faka was an ancient Persian city.


Itsa Faka existed centuries before the Pyramids of Egypt, and, ruled by a King, was also the hub in control of several "adjoined sub-divisions". It was, at the time, surrounded by lush grassland. A caste of Driers within Itsa Faka knew the secret of a Radium Vapor which could dry people alive, allowing them to be resurrected at a later date through the use of a special Solution.

Around 3000 B.C., shortly after King Nevvawaza and his retinue went to the Driers in shame after the Princess Needa Bara Soapa was jilted by Prince Cad Ali Cad, the city was buried by a sandstorm, and remained there for five thousand years. It was eventually unearthed by a Duckburgian Mad Scientist seeking the secret of the Radium Vapor, and who ended up dried himself before the city was buried again.

Behind the scenesEdit

Itsa Faka is a central location in the 1950 Carl Barks story In Ancient Persia.

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