J. Thurlow Goosebulb is an anthropomorphic turkey.


J. Thurlow Goosebulb is a stern attorney-at-law from Duckburg. In January 2002, he was hired by a collective of 23 restaurant owners to sue a man named Donald Duck for "$10000 and his back teeth", as he had skipped the bill in every single one. Like many other lawyers going after Duck, Goosebulb accidentally delivered his lawsuit to the Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck's nephew, rather than his traveling troublemaker namesake.

Behind the scenesEdit

J. Thurlow Goosebulb only ever appeared in 2002 in William Van Horn's story Double Trouble.

Despite having "Goose" as part of his last name, Goosebulb is obviously not an anthropomorphic gander. 

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