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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, nor created by an established official creator. A version of Jafar existed as a human sorcerer in the Diamond Universe.

Description[edit | edit source]

In this parallel timeline, Jafar was a noticeably more powerful and learned sorcerer than his Prime Universe universe counterpart, and did not conceal his arcane abilities at the Palace. Indeed, long before he met Aladdin, Jafar had an apprentice, known only as the Mage, and who would later become the Magic Carpet.

Instead of merely hearing legends of the Genie's Lamp, Jafar and his apprentice had found it long ago, only for them to misuse it in their hubris as a weapon against enemies of the Kingdom; seeing what they had wrought, the Mage stole the lamp and decided to hide it in the vanishing Cave of Wonders (which had not, thus far, been its home) in the hope that Jafar would never be able to find it again. However, Jafar and another warlock, Iago, followed the Mage and the Royal Guard to the Cave. A magical battle ensued, which ended with Iago turned into a red parrot and the Royal Guard's soul merging with the magic of the Cave, allowing it to judge the purity of heart of anyone who wished to enter.

This Jafar's Snake Staff was not powered by a shard of the Ring of Vor, but was instead one of several such exceedingly rare artifacts; the Golden Scarab with which Jafar eventually found the Cave again had originally been part of the Mage's Scarab Staff, and Iago's parrot form was the result of the Mage's curse hitting his Parrot Staff.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

This version of Jafar appears in the 2015 tribute comic Diamond in the Rough, written by Theo Dolev and illustrated by Ophir Sheriff. Despite some minor differences in circumstances, it is Diamond in the Rough’s intent that it serve as a loose prequel to the events of Aladdin, though of no other entry in the Aladdin series; as such, it can be assumed that the Diamond Universe Jafar's later fate, beyond what is shown in the comic, matches up to the actions of his Prime Universe counterpart in the movie, ending with the Diamond Jafar stuck as a Genie in the Cave of Wonders.

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