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Jake McDuck is an anthropomorphic duck.


Jake McDuck is Scrooge's uncle and the son of Titus McDuck and Molly Mallard. Jake lived all his life in Scotland, and, true to the cliché, was a stingy, grumpy type; nevertheless, he had a soft spot of his nephew Scrooge McDuck, whom we are told he "dandled on his knee" when he was very young. In 1885, he moved back (along with the rest of the McDuck clan) into Castle McDuck; that year, he also borrowed a shilling from his nephew Scrooge, which he never paid back. According to Scrooge himself, with the cumulated interests, Jake owed him $8326.[1] Possibly for that reason, Jake has never visited Scrooge McDuck in Duckburg in the present day; he might even be dead, although Scrooge still assumed him to be alive in 1952.

Behind the scenes

He first appeared (in an old photograph) in 1951 in Christmas for Shacktown; in the same story, he is also impersonated by Donald Duck. Jake first appeared in person in 1991 in The Last of the Clan McDuck.

Notes and References

  1. Scrooge referred to the event as having taken place "sixty years ago" in 1951; as Scrooge actually lived in Louisville in 1881, it is more likely that he was merely approximating the number and the event did take place during Scrooge's visit to Scotland in 1885.