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James Wadly, better known as simply James, is an anthropomorphic dog.


James Wadly is Scrooge McDuck's impeccably stylish chauffeur, apparently hired at some point during Scrooge's depressive fit in the 1930's. In the 1950's, James began wearing a stylish, neatly groomed mustache. While he always maintains an impassive façade, Wadly finds it hard to put up with his boss's eccentricities, especially when they mean cutting his paycheck.

Behind the scenesEdit

He first appeared, along with his boss, in the 1947 story Christmas on Bear Mountain.

Although there is little doubt that they are the same person, the clean-shaven James used by Carl Barks in his 40's and 50's stories is identified on INDUCKS as a separate character to the mustached one of later Tony Strobl-drawn stories.

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