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James Watt was an anthropomrophic dog.


James Watt lived in Glasgow in the 18th century. Watt was the neighbor of Potcrack McDuck (Scrooge McDuck's great-grandfather), an amateur inventor who had invented a steam-powered bagpipe. Although Potcrack never found any clients for his "Steam-o-pipe", James Watt actually plagarized the device, and, by merely removing the "bagpipe" element from the mechanism, commercialized the result as an improved steam engine.

Behind the scenesEdit

James Watt, as a dognose, was first seen in 1992 in Don Rosa's unpublished-until-2011 The History of Clan McDuck. He was seen again in 2008 in an issue of the Dutch Willies wereld ("Gyro's world"), a fictional newspaper about science allegedly written by Gyro Gearloose.

James Watt is a real historical character who actually did invent a very advanced model of steam engine. 

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