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Jasmine Jingle (Jazmin in the original Italian) is a female anthropomorphic dog.


A poor young woman from Mouseton, energetic, ever-smiling Jasmine Jingle also has to take care of her numerous siblings. Around Christmas in 2011, she sold chestnuts in the street in an attempt to earn some amount of money to get the children a decent Christmas, though it's unclear what her occupation is the rest of the year.

In point of fact, she encountered Mickey Mouse at that point of her life; Mickey, at the time, wore the Magic Coat, and thus, due to his desire to help out the Jingle family, ended up paying her chestnuts with 50 dollars rather than 5, the coat having given him ten- instead of one-dollar bills. Intrigued, Jasmine ended up befriending Mickey and tagging along with him on the ensuing adventure trying to prevent Peg-Leg Pete from abusing the coat's powers.

After the coat was shredded due to Pete's greed, Mickey gave Jasmine the idea to sew the rags back together into a new cap for herself, which still had enough of the Coat's magic to produce small gifts for the Jingle kids in a literal example of Christmas magic.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jasmine Jingle appears in the 2011 story Mickey Mouse and the Coat of Christmas Magic!.

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