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Jason was a man of unknown species.


Jason was the son of a king in Ancient Greece. When his uncle Pelias usurped the throne, Jason came back to claim it. Pelias told him that he could have the throne if he brought him the mythical Golden Fleece from the faraway land of Colchis. Jason left with a team of adventurers, aboard a ship called the Argo. In Colchis, he fell in love with the beautiful Medea, the daughter of the King, who used her witchcraft allow him to bypass the Harpies and the Sleepless Dragon and get the Fleece. Jason and Medea then fled back to Greece together on the Argo. However, their common bliss was not to last, as Medea eventually left Jason and went back to Colchis with the Argo and the Fleece.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jason was cited in the 1955 story The Golden Fleecing. Not much is said about him in the story, but it can be assumed that his biography is globablly similar to that of the mythological figure of Jason, from whom he is of course inspired.

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