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Jason Chandler, Jr, better-known as simply Chandler, is or was a human man.


Presumably a relative (perhaps even the son) of inventor Jason Chandler, noble and idealist Jason Chandler, Jr. was one of the miners working in Barnabas T. Bullion's Big Thunder Mountain mine in 1878. Together with Onawa and a few other trusted companion, Chandler took to dressing up as outlaws and robbing Bullion of some of his gold, with which they both food and supplies of which the poor folk of Rainbow Ridge were in dire need. In the process, he met the love of his life, Bullion's own daughter Abigail Bullion.

Behind the scenes

Jason Chandler, Jr is a main character in the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad comic printed in 2015 as part of the Disney Kingdoms event.

It is likely that at some level of production, the character was intended to be Jason Chandler himself; however, the finished story's Chandler cannot be the original Jason Chandler, as neither the dates nor circumstances of the characters fit (the comic Chandler is not an inventor, and is emphatically not a friend and fellow S.E.A. member of Barnabas's).