Jehosophat, also spelled Jehoshaphat or Jehosaphat, was a man of unknown species.


Jehosophat was a figure from ancient history, notorious enough to remain known in the present-day through the comical swear "jumpin' Jehosophat", which was once employed by Ferdie Fieldmouse. During his notorious duel with Madam Mim during the Dark Ages, the enchanter Merlin had already sworn by Jehosophat. Theodore Roosevelt was also known to utter "Great jumping Jehoshaphat!".

Behind the scenesEdit

Jehosophat is first mentioned in the 1958 written story The Art Collectors; his name is also uttered by Merlin in 1963's The Sword in the Stone and by Theodore Roosevelt in The Invader of Fort Duckburg and Teddy's Campaign. Although the scenes in those two stories are two alternative takes on the same event, Roosevelt's curse is slightly different: in the former story he swears "great jumping Jehoshaphat", while in the other the name is given as "Jehosapat". At any rate, in real life, Jehosophat, or more properly Jehoshapat, is a Biblical figure of a just King.

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