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Jessica Rabbit is a female Toon resembling a human woman.


Though drawn to resemble a sultry vamp, this Toon singer and actress is actually a kindly and moral woman. She is married to the not-particularly-attractive Toon Roger Rabbit, a decision which puzzles many considering Jessica's physique — but the two are smitten with one another, with Jessica loving Roger most for his comedy talent. Jessica occasionally has bit parts in her beloved husband's cartoons but mostly spent her time performing on-stage, at the Ink and Paint Club.

Behind the scenes

Jessica Rabbit was first seen in 1988 in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. She is loosely based on the character of the same name in Gary K. Wolf's original novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, though only in the broad strokes, as the book's Jessica is genuinely a heartless gold-digger who cheats on Roger — a far cry from the film's misunderstood Jessica.

Jessica's character and design are inspired by Tex Avery's recurring "vamp" character, Red, in the Droopy Dog cartoons, though they are presumably separate Toons within the context of the film.

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