This page describes content which we cover on the Wiki as such, but do not consider canonical to any wider continuity. Jim Cummings is a human man and a non-canonical in-universe counterpart to real-life voice actor Jim Cummings.

Description[edit | edit source]

A self-described "beloved voice actor" most famous for his role as Darkwing Duck in the vintage animated series, this Jim Cummings shares this animated role's ego and decided, in 2013, to produce a Darkwing Duck movie all on his own, portraying all of the characters and creating the animation himself. He was aware that he did not own the rights to Darkwing Duck, but declared these legal matters to be of no importance to him because he wasn't a lawyer. After painstakingly creating a rather rubbish movie, Cummings was forced to open a kickstarter, not to pay for the movie, but rather to pay for Cummings's own medical bills, as he had greatly injured his right hand by animating too enthusiastically and without proper training.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

This parody of Jim Cummings starred in the 2013 comedy sketch Darkwing Duck: The Movie Kickstarter Project.

DuckTales 2017 later featured another similar parody of Jim Cummings, the in-universe actor Jim Starling who had supposedly portrayed a live-action Darkwing Duck at the height of his career. The episode The Duck Knight Returns saw him plotting to highjack a Darkwing Duck feature film to make a forceful come-back, blinded by his ego to how unfit for the part he had become.

Portrayed By[edit | edit source]

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