Jiminy Cricket is a male anthropomorphic cricket.


Jiminy Cricket is a small anthropomorphic cricket. Although he has a good heart and is far from lazy, Jiminy was a homeless wanderer until he was randomly called upon by a fairy to become a friend and advisor (an incarnate conscience, in point of fact) for her new creation, a puppet to whom she had given life — Pinocchio. This was a hard task but Jiminy proved a very apt conscience, and remained with Pinocchio ever since — for the most part; the travelling bug has been known to bite him again now and then. Cricket also acted as a host for numerous TV specials featuring some of the friends he had met on his travels, such as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jiminy Cricket was created for the 1940 feature film Pinocchio, based on a nameless Cricket character in the book the film was based on. He actually debuted a few days earlier, on December the 24th, 1939, in a comic-strip adaptation of the film.

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