Joe Torcivia's The Issue At Hand is the blog of Joe Torcivia.


Founded in 2008, The Issue At Hand is a blog where Joe Torcivia posts long blogs about, as he puts it, "the universe of things that interest [him]" — most often comics, but also animation, TV series from the 1960's, and classic films. His posts are often reviews of possessions of his related to those interests, such as DVD reviews.

Naturally, the blog is at its most interesting (Disney comics-wise) when Torcivia writes about recent Disney comic issues, to which he often contributed as translator-rewriter. Torcivia is also quite knowledgeable about vintage issues, and occasionally highlights old stories and covers with insightful commentary;

The Blog is also known for bustling 'comment sections' where creators and fans mingle to discuss matters related (more or less tangentially) to the original post. A lot of the commenters have comic-related blogs of their own, and a sizable portion are also members of The Feathery Society.

On a few select occasions, story elements have been developped on the Blog and on its comment section (such as a buffoonesque interaction between the Horde of the Violet Hare, an in-universe version of Torcivia and another secret society, the Legion of the Chartreuse Tortoise).

Behind the scenesEdit

Joe Torcivia's The Issue At Hand is a blog hosted by Blogspot. It is explicitly not endorsed by the Walt Disney Company, as is frequently stressed in the posts, and Torcivia's opinions on several things do not reflect those of the Company. Nevertheless, its author's being a professional Disney creator makes it a valid, "canonical" source for the purposes of this wiki.

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