Johannes Coot was an anthropomorphic coot.


In the second half of the 18th century, Johannes Coot and his brother Cornelius Coot both wanted to take colons to the United States of America and found a settlement. The rivaling siblings each had their own boat, and also their own plans: Cornelius wanted to get to America buy sailing West, Johannes by sailing East. Both eventually began their journey with plenty of soon-to-be colons aboard; however, while Cornelius got to America and eventually founded Duckburg, Johannes's ship, the Duckwell, was attacked by pirates on the way. Johannes disappeared (presumably dying in the attack), while the remainder of the crew and colons created a colony called Cootouth on a nearby island, where they remained secluded for hundreds of years.

Behind the scenesEdit

Johannes Coot first appeared in November of 1991 in the story The Incredible Quest for Cooties.

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