John McDuck is a possible English name for the character called Jean-Claude McPicsou in the original French, a deceased anthropomorphic duck.


John McDuck was a Calisotan frontierman in the early 19th century, possibly a descendant of the Malcolm McDuck branch of the family. In 1807, British authorities contacted him to retake control of Fort Drakeborough, their last outpost in the Americas, which had been abandoned years earlier and taken over by a native tribe. The "negotiations" did not go over too well at first, as John was taken prisoner, although by 1818, the Fort was back in British hands, suggesting he did eventually succeed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character was only mentioned in a set of "extra" snippets of Duckburg's history shown in issue #496 of the French equivalent of Uncle Scrooge, Picsou Magazine. He has no official English first name, although John seems a logical extrapolation of the original French name.

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