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Jonathan Harker is the ghost of a male dognose.


Jonathan Harker was an older gentleman from 19th century Mouseton. He lived with his nephew Ebeneezer and his wife in a manor known as the Harker House. In 1887, Jontahan, a cycling enthusiast, got so excited during a cross-country race that he drove his bike off a cliff into the ocean. Jonathan's ghost kept riding the bicycle around his now-haunted house ever since, until 1969, when it was destroyed to make way for a new building. The Harker family ghosts then briefly inhabited Goofy's house, only to be redirected by Mickey Mouse to the Haunted Mansion, were they became three of the 999 happy haunts.

Behind the scenes

Jonathan Harker was only ever seen in the 1969 promotional story Spooky Tenants. He may be based on the Bicycle Banshees who do appear in the ride, though they are rather different from him in appearance and backstory.

Harker shares his name with the narrator of Barm Stoker's Dracula. There are, however, no further connections between the characters.