The Jovian Statue of Liberty is a stone statue found on the planet Jupiter.


Described by one Jovian as his planet's equivalent to the Earth Statue of Liberty, this humongous stone monument depicts Donald Duck crushing the Saturnians, as a memorial of his 1960 victory over Rebo's schemes which saved the planet from Saturnian conquest; erected some time after Donald left the planet, it quickly became a tourist attraction, with hundreds of tourists flocking daily to the statue's hollow head, from which one can take pictures. When returning in 1995 to Jupiter with his uncle Scrooge McDuck, Donald was shown the statue and was rather proud of this honor, although Scrooge joked that an "empty, hollow head" sounded "just about right" for his often rash-thinking nephew.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Jovian Statue of Liberty appears in the 1995 story The Return of Rebo.

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