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Jubal Frostfeathers Pomp (Filo Sganga in the original Italian), or simply Jubal Pomp, is an anthropomorphic rooster.


Jubal Pomp is Brigitta McBridge's closest friend and often her associate. Admiritive and envious of Scrooge McDuck, Glomgold, Rockerduck and all the other Duckburgian billionaires, Jubal Pomp wishes to become a millionaire himself and keeps coming up with wacky business schemes, which, although Pomp is fundamentally a nice man, are often often at odds with ethics or the law (his motto is "Business is business!").

Behind the scenes

Jubal Pomp was first seen in the 1961 story The Secret of Success. Joe Torcivia stated that he imagines W.C. Fields as Pomp's theoretical voice actor.