Roy Bean is portrayed as having an obsession with hanging people over the most minor offenses, based on the portrayal of him as a "hanging judge" in western films.


Following several succesful years as a judge magistrate in Langtry, Texas, Bean moved on to saloonkeeping.

Bat Masterson, a marshall of the Wild West, introduced him to Wyatt Erp, who wanted to buy Soapy Slick's old Dawson Saloon. The three travelled to Dawson, in 1897, using a riverboat Slick owned for riding Americans from Alaska to Dawson.

Slick informed the three that Goldie, who they planned on hiring, and on whom the success of their saloon hinged upon, was abducted by Scrooge. To gain good publicity, they organized a rescued effort.

Their initial attempts were not fruitful, with Scrooge instead disarming them (Bean specifically was knocked out by the use of a digging plate), but they eventually hid in the shack and whacked him unconsious. They left him in the shack for the time being, until they were to return to Dawson with Goldie. However, upon the realization that Scrooge loved her, Goldie escaped from them and returned to him.

They returned to the White Agony Creek, hearing noises from the shack. Roy Bean is notable for being the only one who realized what was really going on. He decided to leave the two alone and have Wyatt and Bat buy him two rounds of drinks back in Dawson.

Following those events, Goldie' went back to working to the Blackjack Saloon in Dawson, so Erp's, Masterson's and Bean's idea probably never really came to fruition. Bean returned to Langtry, where he died peacefully in 1903.


  • In reality, Roy Bean had only sentenced two men to hanging.
  • While Bean, Masterson and Erp are interested into buying Slick's saloon in Dawson, the only one shown in the comics is the riverboat gambling saloon that Scrooge destroyed.
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