Jukes is a human man living in Neverland.


A member of Captain Hook's pirate crew, Jukes is older than most other crew members, but don't let his peg-leg and shortness fool you — he is far from the least dangerous pirate aboard.

Behind the scenesEdit

Very loosely based on the character of Bill Jukes from J. M. Barrie's original Peter Pan novel and play, Jukes first appeared in 1953 in Peter Pan.

In the book, Bill Jukes was described as being tatooed all over his body, an element that surfaced in another, anonymous crew member in the Disney version. Interestingly, the book also stated that Bill Jukes had been a member of Captain Flint's crew alongside Long John Silver, though it is unknown if it is the case of the Disney Jukes in relation to the Disney Captain Flint. 

Voice ActorsEdit

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