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Julius the Cat, is an anthropomorphic cat.


Julius was a feisty young fellow who struck a friendship with the human girl Alice, whom he met when she rescued him from a haunted house. The two friends stuck together through hail and storm, Julius notably often protecting Alice from burly rogue Peg-Leg Pete. Later, with Alice's help, Julius married a cat girl (though that didn't stop him from being a bit of a lady's man still in later years).

Behind the scenes

Julius was created in 1922 and became the Walt Disney Company's first recurring cartoon star, appearing first as the only recurring character in the Laugh-o-Grams series, the prime supporting character in the Alice Comedies and briefly even a villain in the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series.

At the request of producer Margaret Winkler, however, Julius was made very similar to rival cartoon star Felix the Cat, and so Disney moved on to a new character, Oswald Rabbit, as soon as possible.

Julius was the object of a background tribute in Disney California Adventure, a repair shop belonging to a Mr 'Julius Katz & Sons'. According to David Gerstein and contrary to popular belief, however, the store is not genuinely meant to be owned by Julius, merely being a discrete nod and thus neither the last name nor the information of his owning a shop at all can be considered canon.