The Jumbler was a Beetleworx.


Created by the Mad Doctor, presumably during the Blot Wars, this Beetleworx was a jumble of mechanical parts and animatronic pieces. The Jumbler had no less than seven animatronic heads: one resembling Jafar at the center of its body, the head and front portion of a Spinner Beetleworx on top, a head resembling Tick-Tock Croc in the center of a metal arm extending from its back, a head resembling Goofy on the end of another metal arm, a head resembling a demonic version of Tigger on another arm, a head resembling Donald Duck on one of its six legs, and a head resembling José Carioca on another leg.

The purpose of this Beetleworx is unknown; however, judging by its somewhat sinister and intimidating appearance, it was likely created during the Blot Wars to fight against King Oswald and his subjects, likely one of many experimental designs of Beetleworx directly built by the Doctor, which were never mass-produced like Spinners or Hoppers. In any event, it had seemingly been destroyed by the time Mickey Mouse arrived in Wasteland, as he never encountered it during his adventures.

Behind the scenes

The Jumbler was created in concept art for Epic Mickey. Though it was scrapped, it is still possible that it existed in-universe nonetheless.

It is worth noting that the Jumbler was never seriously planned to feature in the game by the Junction Point Studios; beyond its sheer oddity, it would have been hell to model and animate. Rather, it was sketched as an experiment in how dark the main Walt Disney Comapny would allow them to make the game and its enemies.

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