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The Junior Woodchucks, or World Junior Woodchucks, are a scouting organization.


The Junior Woodchucks, created in Duckburg by Clinton Coot in the 19th century, are a scouting organization devoted to preserving nature and culture. It has branches all over the world, all having copies of the famed Junior Woodchuck Guidebook, a book containing a nearly-absolute amount of knowledge, ranging from basic to the incredibly obscure (the book has several glossaries of various extra-terrestrial languages).

The Junior Woodchucks are generally a boys-only organization (with the Chickadees Patrol as their female counterpart), although exceptions can occasionally be made, which is most famously the case for Webby Vanderquack. Major members are called "Senior Woodchucks", and, though, again, this rule is not unbreakable, one can usually only become a Senior Woodchucks after having been a Junior Woodchuck as a child.

A constant across universes, the Woodchucks also exist in the Donaldless Continuum and the 2017 Continuum

List of known Junior Woodchucks

Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck as Junior Woodchucks

List of known former members

Behind the scenes

The Junior Woodchucks first appeared in February of 1951 in Carl Barks's story Operation St. Bernard.