The Junk Robots were semi-sentient robots.


Much more advanced creations than their comical designs let on, the Junk Robots were created by rogue supercomputer X - Y + 2 as his army. Splinter intelligences controlled by his will, the Junk Robots were created as glowing orbs of energy in X-Minus's underground base, then sent out into the surface world where they fashioned themselves a physical form out of human junk.

This was useful both for symbolism, as X-Minus, himself a piece of discarded techology, wished to have humanity see all its discarded junk fight back, and for stealth, as Junk Robots could disassembled their bodies at a moment's notice, appearing to be nothing more than a pile of clutter.

After Mickey Mouse took down X-Minus with a screwdriver in June 1967, the Junk Robots Army powered down and disassembled into their spare parts. The stray bits of X-Minus's intelligence were presumably reintegrated to him as he was repaired and redeemed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Junk Robots were only ever seen in the 1967 story The Case of the Sinister Robot.

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