Kat Nipp is an anthropomorphic cat and a rival of Mickey Mouse.


Kat Nipp is a large, muscular anthropomorphic cat who usually wears a vest or overalls and a cap. Nipp is a bully, plain and simple, who beats up all those who cross him — especially those of species who are naturally prey to cats, such as Mickey Mouse, although unlike his sister Claws, Kat shows no sign of predatory behavior. Aside from (possibly) his sister, Kat Nipp seems to have only one friend: a sailor and knot expert known as Barnacle Bill, but even Bill betrayed him when offered nepeta cataria by Mickey.

After his first incursion in the town, Nipp was chased out of Mouseton by dogs set on him by Mickey, however, he has since returned on occasion. Though Mickey and Kat Nipp are usually hostile to each other, there is at least one occasion in which Mickey helped Kat Nipp out: after Nipp dumped paint on someone's car, Mickey told the person not to beat up Kat Nipp without any proof, even though Mickey himself had found proof (Kat Nipp's footprint). As it turned out, Nipp had also painted Mickey's car, but, grateful, he offered to help Mickey clean it off.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Kat Nipp first appeared in The Opry House (1929). He first appeared in comics in Mickey Mouse vs. Kat Nipp (1931).

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. This is shown in this story.
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