Fanwork Kelly Green's Haunted Mansion Fancomics are a series of unofficial fan comics written and drawn by Kelly Green.


Haunted Mansion fan Kelly Green is the author of a long series of Mansion fancomics, ranging from professional-grade, colored gags to mere sheets of doodles. The comics, while wholly unofficial, have proven extremely influential in the Haunted Mansion fandom, for instance cristallizing the idea of the Hatbox Ghost as a "grumpy old man" type and rival to Constance Hatchaway. In this unwitting lore-shaping, Kelly was later joined by Emma Mosier.

Behind the scenesEdit

Most of large wealth of Green's comics can be found on DeviantArt and tumblr, and have been published sporadically since 2011. A repertory of them can be found on the Haunted Mansion Fan Art Index, also on Wikia. 

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