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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, nor created by an established official creator. Kelly Green's Haunted Mansion Fancomics are a series of unofficial fan comics written and drawn by Kelly Green.


Mansionite Kelly Green's comics about the shenanigans the ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion get up to, while wholly unofficial, have proven extremely influential in the Haunted Mansion fandom, for instance crystallizing the idea of the Hatbox Ghost as a "grumpy old man" type and rival to Constance Hatchaway

List of Stories

This Wiki does not index the integrality of Kelly Green's Haunted Mansion works, most of which are mere sketches, or otherwise non-narrative portraits of character. However, the following actual stories are covered on the Wiki, as is the partial “Ask Blog” Ghoulish Delight, where she drew a series of comics depicting the spooks answering questions from mortals.

No. Title Featuring Date
1 I Can't Even The Organist 2011
2 Impending Doom
Is Funny


3 Prisoner's Escape Gus 2011
4 It's THAT Time Of Year Hitchhiking Ghosts 2012
5 Rude Ghost Host 2012
6 Origins Hitchhiking Ghosts 2012
7 The Best Pal
He'll Ever Have
Ghost Host 2012
8 Tragic The Phantom,
9 Never Think
Out Loud
Hatbox Ghost,
10 Joining the Party Ghost Host 2012
11 Meanwhile
in the Attic
Hatbox Ghost,
Ghost Host
12 Holiday Spirit Ghost Host,
13 Lack of Communication Hitchhiking Ghosts,
14 Gracey, Please Ghost Host,
Master Gracey
15 Missy and the Hitchhiking Ghost Ezra 2013
16 Not The Reaction
He Wanted
Hatbox Ghost 2015

Behind the scenes

Most of large wealth of Green's comics can be found on DeviantArt and tumblr, and have been published sporadically since 2011. A repertory of them can be found on the Haunted Mansion Fan Art Index, also on Wikia. 

In this unwitting lore-shaping, Kelly was later joined by Emma Mosier.