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Keoki is a minor character of the Golden Era.

Keoki is a young man and a pilot from the island of Wokawoka in the South Pacific who owns "Keoki's Seaplanes".

Wokawoka was a very poor island because a hurricane wiped out their crops and livestock and they didn’t have the money to rebuild. Keoki was sending all his charter money home to feed his people but it was not enough. Wokawoka wasn’t to survive for much longer.

Keoki’s plane was destroyed while passing through the volcano of the Golden Island, per Scrooge McDuck's commands. Keoki accidentally placed a claim on the Golden Island before Scrooge or Flintheart Glomgold, claiming it for the people of Wokawoka. As a result, the people of Wokawoka survived and possibly thrived.


  • The name "Keoki's Seaplanes" is deceptive. Keoki had only one seaplane.
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