The Kickachoos are a Native American tribe, mostly composed of anthropomorphic dogs.


One of the many Native American tribes in the Prime Universe who still live like their pre-conquest ancestors, the Kickachoos were on a peaceful terms with the nearby small town of Gulchburg until 1964, when a bandit discovered that the Kickachoos' lands concealed vast amounts of oil and tried to get them run out of the country by creating the rumor that they were once again on the warpath. A vacationing Ludwig von Drake (who had recognized the arrows used by the impostor as Kickachoo, but also that his footprints weren't right) soon put things to right, and the Kickachoos exploited the oil for themselves, concealing their derricks inside large teepees so as not to foul up the natural landscape.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Kickachoos appear in the 1964 story Injun Expert.

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