Kildare Coot

An anthropomorphic loon-duck-coot hybrid from the 2017 Continuum appears to be its counterpart to Kildare Coot.


This version of Donald Duck's wacky cousin, wide-eyed, wild-haired Kildare appears to live in Duckburg, where he ordered soda and ice cream at a coffee shop in 2018, one of a very, very long line waiting to be served (at the very end of which sat a very irritated Gyro Gearloose).

Behind the scenes

This duck appears in the 2018 DuckTales 2017 comic story Countdown to Termination. His identity is not formally identified as Kildare, though the resemblance is such that it is very likely the reference is intentional; it has not been missed by the fandom, which has produced several examples of 2017 Continuum Kildare fanart using this design.

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